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From developing simple single page to complex web-based internet applications, Tallan uses cutting edge technology & best practices to create custom sites that increase user engagement for your business.

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 Envisioning covers problem-discovery, situation-assessment, and solution-planning process. It’s designed to improve the chances of solution success by addressing the risks and challenges present in the early stages of the implementation process.


Custom Web Development

Tallan specializes in custom web development and responsive web design. Our proven web development process is highly collaborative and designed to incorporate best practices while achieving your vision for your webpage.


Webpage Health Check

Take advantage of a website health check to receive a detailed inspection and analysis of your website’s sales effectiveness of:

  • Strategic Issues
  • Security
  • Management
  • Content and Features
  • SEO
  • Usability and Design
  • Code Efficiency
  • Technical issues

Client Successes with Enterprise Web Apps

Take a look around and see what we’ve been working on lately.


Customer Web Portal

The Experian Credit Tracker website was an extensive and thorough overhaul of the company’s existing member site to a new technology stack in order to create a fast and mobile friendly application.

Experian needed a client-side solution that would handle myriad different needs. Some of these included:

  • OAuthsecure login
  • CMS Setup and Integration
  • Mobile and Tablet responsive design
  • Integration with existing API’s
  • Extensive Logging and Analytics capabilities
  • Automated Unit Testing Framework
  • Data cache management
  • Custom widget catalog
  • PDF Report Generation

Tallan followed an Agile approach for this project and performed the following services for Experian in order to deliver this site to production.  Tallan continues to work with Experian on feature enhancements:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Wireframing
  • Visual prototyping
  • Technical design
  • Development
  • Deployment
  • Production support
  • On-going enhancements

Website Redesign

SmartRaiser is a recent startup that needed to rebrand their website to be fresh, innovative and mobile ready.


A management ports was designed with the following features:

  • Cloud Hosted – Running in the Azure cloud for stability.
  • Manage Merchants and Deals – Ability to create and update the deals offered on the discount card.
  • Manage Fundraising Programs and Campaigns – Ability to create fundraising programs (groups looking to raise money) and schedule their campaigns, assigning them start and end dates and products offered.
  • Manage Products – Ability to create listings for physical products offered as fundraisers.
  • Product and Sales – Ability to add items to a shopping cart and purchase them.  This included physical product and access codes for the mobile applications.


  • Net MVC
  • Net Web API
  • Entity Framework
  • Front End: Bootstrap UI and JavaScript
  • Google Maps API
  • Google Graphs API
  • Braintree Payments
  • Hosted in Azure
  • Azure App Service for the site and web API
  • Azure Blob Storage for image storage
  • Azure CDN for static content delivery
  • Azure SQL for database storage
  • Azure Web Jobs for automated and scheduled tasks
  • Visual Studio Team Systems
  • Source Code Version Management
  • Backlog Management
  • Continuous Integration; Continuous Delivery
Massachusetts Legislature
Documents Portal

Legislative Automated Workflow System (LAWS)

The LAWS application has a complex security model to support numerous roles such as clerks, counsel, and aides, and has extensive journal and audit functionality to support the recording of actions within the chamber for a given document. A combination of data fields and documents are used to help direct the workflow processes around the document during the course of its lifecycle. A comprehensive data auditing system was developed to ensure that a full history of all legislative data changes is recorded along with the person making the change and a timestamp.

Tallan also worked with the Legislature to build a committee management module within LAWS. This module includes agenda management, live hearing management, and a set of simple and highly-readable web pages to be displayed on the wall-mounted screens in the hearing rooms. These screens provide information to committee members and the general public attendees on hearing presenters, committee members, and the agenda. They also contain an optional timer for keeping hearing time-boxed. The live hearing management component allows an authorized administrator to control the information displayed in real-time – for example, the agenda screen will highlight the bill currently being discussed within the overall bill list.

Massachusetts Senate

Clerk Board

The Massachusetts Senate is making information easier for you to access by moving notices from paper to digital. The Senate Clerk’s Office unveiled a new digital display board that features public hearing and event information with the click of a button.

The touch-screen system replaces an old cork board where officials would hang agendas and session information. Visitors can get to know their state senators and view an interactive map of the State House. The system automatically updates with current information as the clerk’s office files records.

This is also an effort to making information more open to the public, increasing transparency. At some point, the office plans to stream a live feed of Senate sessions on the board.


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