User Experience Assessment

Need some help identifying the roadblocks in your current website or application that are possibly hindering a successful user experience? Our UX consultants are fully equipped to analyze your site or app in its current state, identify potential issues, recommend solutions, and outline the required steps your business needs to take to implement a fully functioning user experience.

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Tools for Success


Identify Issues

Identify interaction, workflow, and design shortcomings with your application and/or process.


Provide Recommendations

Recommend steps to re-mediate the issues identified through the assessment.

Plan the Next Steps

Execute on the plan in house or have Tallan handle the implementation.

What to Expect

Our user experience experts meet with stakeholders and users to determine high target areas of your application for our assessment. We address those target areas by comparing them with usability principles and best practices. We finalize the engagement with a document that includes our recommendations and how they can be implemented.


Stakeholder and user interviews
Application Usability Analysis
Create Documentation


Recommendations Documentation
Remediation Design Concepts (optional)
Remediation Estimates (optional)