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Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and widespread. When it comes to a winning cyber security strategy, the tactics and principles used by IT teams are constantly shifting. Regardless of size or industry, businesses can no longer afford to take cybersecurity for granted. A secure and manageable infrastructure on which to build and grow your business is Tallan’s specialty.


Zero Trust

Zero Trust is a security architecture model that institutes a deny-until-verified approach for access to resources inside and outside the network. Zero Trust is critical to improving an organization’s security posture, and all exemplary implementations start with a solid plan. Tallan can help your organization define your goals, use cases, and strategy to design a successful path forward using the three pillars of Verify Explicitly, Least Privilege Access and Assume Breach.

Cloud Infrastructure Security

When attacking cloud infrastructure, adversaries often attack multiple resources to obtain access to customer data or company secrets. With expertise across cloud, data, analytics and app-focused security, Tallan can help limit how attackers attempt to gain access to your sensitive resources.

Security Culture

Your organization is only as secure as its weakest link, with policy being one facet of a multitiered strategy. Remaining cyber safe is your entire team’s responsibility and requires full buy-in. As a trusted long-term advisor, Tallan will prioritize educating your staff on the ‘why’ of security culture. Whether your team is operating in-office or at home, Tallan can help build the infrastructure to indefinitely support an offsite workforce, identifying and working to solve evolving challenges and threats.

DLP (Data Loss Prevention)

Data loss prevention (DLP) refers to procedures and practices used to guard against the theft or access of sensitive data by unauthorized users. A strong DLP strategy enables your company to address data problems quickly and successfully. To date, Tallan has remediated 9 million instances of DLP!

Secure By Design

Security by Design enables your team to codify the architecture of its infrastructure and automate data security controls. Instead of fixing the problem and restoring systems after a company has had a cybersecurity breach, security by Design focuses on preventing one from happening in the first place.


Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Defender for Cloud strengthens the security posture of your cloud resources and, with its integrated Microsoft Defender plans, protects workloads running in Azure, hybrid, and other cloud platforms. Tallan provides the tools needed to harden your resources, protect against cyber attacks, streamline security management and ultimately strengthen your Secure Score.

Azure Sentinel

Microsoft Sentinel provides an overview of your entire organization. Tallan will use artificial intelligence to make your threat detection and response more innovative and rapid by utilizing the cloud and large-scale intelligence from decades of Microsoft security experience. Our MSSP, SecureSky adds further configuration validation, enforcement functionality, and automated threat response capabilities.


The Active Protection Platform from SecureSky goes above and beyond standard Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) solutions. The unified platform offers cutting-edge capabilities to safeguard your cloud presence with continuous configuration validation, readily available enforcement functions, capture of threat data, and automated threat response capabilities.


Our offerings will determine how well your company is protected against cyber threats and provide guidance on bolstering your team’s security culture. Tallan effectively hones in on the primary areas that are often the most vulnerable, while examining your environment to offer subsequent education, assistance, and remediation recommendations for devices.


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