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As a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner for 15 years, Tallan has been at the forefront of educating clients and the marketplace at large about the benefits of SQL Server, helping them understand and evaluate how new features and benefits can work for their business needs. That is why we are so excited to join Microsoft in introducing SQL Server 2016.

Consider this page an all-in-one educational resource on the power of SQL Server 2016 for your business. Read, watch, and learn. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have and consult with you on next steps.




Consider this your SQL Server 2016 classroom.
We’ve collected the most insightful educational resources that Microsoft and the Tallan team have to offer.
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SQL Server 2016 Additions and Improvements

SQL Server 2016 Datasheet

Exploring an upgrade? Learn more about the features and benefits available for SQL Server 2016 at various licensing levels and choose which works best for your business needs.

SQL 2016 Comparison

SQL Server 2016 Additions

Currently using SQL Server 2008 R2, 2012, or 2014?  Discover all the new features added since you last upgraded.  SQL Server 2016 is the biggest leap forward in Microsoft’s data platform history.


SQL 2016 Video Playlist

Want to learn more about the vision behind SQL Server 2016 and its individual features and upgrades? Check out our Youtube playlist for quick and informative videos.

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Tallan’s SQL Server 2016 experts are here to answer your burning questions and help you understand how to better leverage the latest and greatest SQL Server 2016 has to offer.

Q: I’m nervous about migrating. What can be done to ease this process?

A: Don’t be nervous, Tallan has a number of clients that have successfully taken the plunge!  As with any software, there are bugs and issues that have been and continue to be addressed, but overall reception so far has been great. If you’re migrating from SQL Server 2005, there’s a few more hurdles to jump than from later versions.  And the more complex your current configuration is (i.e., uses replication, has other parts of the SQL Server stack), the more planning you should do to make sure it goes off without a hitch.

Tallan has helped many clients execute on migration since RTM release of SQL Server 2016, each with varying degrees of complexity.  To date there has been no showstoppers in migrating, and no loss of performance or functionality.  Clients love the new features, especially the fresh new look, feel and functionality of Reporting Services and the In-Memory features.


Q: Can Stretch Database be implemented without any database structure changes?

A: Yes. Databases and tables are “stretched” using simple configuration settings. There are no database changes required to implement Stretch Database.


Q: Can Stretch Database be implemented without any application changes?

A: Yes. The location of the data in a “stretched” table is transparent to a SQL Server query. No application or query changes are necessary to access the local or archived data in a stretched table.


Q: What are the restrictions of Stretch Database?

A: There are some limitations to where Stretch Database can be used.

  • Some column datatypes are not supported (text, image, timestamp, XML). And computed columns are not allowed.
  • Tables that are replicated or are using Change Data Capture cannot be stretched.
  • Tables with Full Text Indexes and tables referenced in an Indexed View also cannot be stretched.
  • And tables that are referenced by a foreign key cannot be stretched.

A full list of Stretch Database limitations can be found here.

Click here for information about the Microsoft provided Stretch Database Advisor tool to help determine if a database and/or table qualifies for Stretch Database.


Q: What are the costs associated with using Stretch Database?

A: Stretch Database charges are billed in two categories, Storage and Compute. Storage refers to the cost of maintaining your data in the Stretch Azure database. Storage is charged at a fixed price per GB.

Compute is the speed that your data is transmitted to and from Azure and the speed of computations against the data. Compute costs are charged by DSUs (Database Stretch Unit). You are charged based on how many DSUs are used during a period. There are multiple DSU levels available that are priced according to the performance they provide. The DSU level can be scaled up or down to tune performance at any time.

For more information about SQL Server Stretch Database pricing, click here .


Q: What are R Services in SQL Server 2016?

A: Brings R execution into SQL Server and exposes it through the T-SQL interface. It overcomes some of the issues regarding performance and scale, allowing users to work on very large data sets in SQL. There is also no need for data movement between the database and the R computation because there are now located on the same database.

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