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Our innovative Retail solutions are designed to help optimize business processes and enhance brand engagement while driving accelerated growth.

With over 30 years of experience in the Retail Industry, Tallan is uniquely aligned to provide end-to-end Retail solutions that improve Supply Chain Logistics, drive sales with eCommerce solutions, broaden and strengthen customer interactions with Chatbot Technology, and much more.


Retail EDI

In today’s competitive environment, it is essential to have your Supply Chain Logistics in order. T-Connect is a suite of products focused on the management and acceleration of Retail EDI transactions. This innovative technology is designed to quickly and easily onboard trading partners in as little as 5 days, enrich data provided by clearinghouses and 3PL systems, and increase visibility with rich data visualizations that help you convert intel to action.


The rapid adoption of mobile devices has led to increased activity in consumer shopping. Retailers are capitalizing on this new wave of customers with mobile-optimized eCommerce solutions. Our Retail technologists have the expertise to deliver powerful and scalable multichannel solutions that provide your customers with a more personalized shopping experience that helps to drive sales and enhance branding.


Retail consumers are increasingly mobile and social. Therefore, it is important for businesses to extend their branding and customer support activities into mediums where customers interact every day. Tallan’s Chatbot technology provides an innovative solution designed to help your organization automate customer service processes and optimize customer interactions, while identifying consumer interests that will help convert browsing into sales.

Supercharge Supply Chain Management with T-Connect Retail EDI

Tallan’s T-Connect EDI Management Suite help organizations within the retail and supply chain industry eliminate unnecessary back and forth communication between trading partners, reduce and consolidate the complexities in workflow, while delivering the full range of purchase order and ASN transactions to fulfill your business needs.

T-Connect’s Revolutionary Benefits:


Process at Light Speed

Rapid onboarding with the ability to process over 500,000 transactions in under 10 minutes, faster than any other system on the market.


Connect to 3PL Systems

Integrate seamlessly across all Retail Trading Partner Systems.


Retail Logistics Visibility

Visualize your entire Supply Chain Logistics in real-time to eliminate unnecessary collaboration between trading partners and active full data transparency.



Reduce TOTAL cost of ownership with Tallan’s FIXED, one-time cost model.

Purchase Order & ASN Transactions:

810 Invoice

846 Inventory Inquiry/Advice

850 Purchase Order

856 Ship Notice/Manifest

859 Freight Invoice

940 Warehouse Shipping Order

943/944 Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment/Receipt Advice

945 Warehouse Shipping Advice

947 Warehouse Inventory Adjustment Advice


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Enhance Your Shopping Experience with Multichannel eCommerce

For over 15 years, our eCommerce team has been delivering powerful and scalable multichannel solutions to brand-name clients. Our technology has helped clients achieve accelerated growth by turning visitors into customers, empowering customer loyalty, while optimizing your entire eCommerce strategy to gain the competitive advantage in the ever-changing Retail space.

  • Website Design and Development using HTML, CSS, & JavaScript
  • Mobile Commerce Websites & Shopping Applications
  • Shopping Cart Development & Integration using .NET and Java
  • Payment Processor Integration with Authorize.Net, PayPal, & Google Checkout
  • Sales Tax & Shipping Web Service Integration
  • Comparison Shopping Engine (CSE) Integration Including Google Product Search & Bing Shopping
  • ERP & CRM Integration
  • Third-Party Implementations
Evenflo User Experience Client Work
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Engage & Support Customers with Chatbots

Automate procedures, identify consumer interests, drive customer engagement, and generate leads with conversation-based technology available in platforms customers access every day.


FaceBook Messenger Logo, Amazon Alexa Logo, SMS Logo, Apple Siri Logo, Slack Logo, Microsoft Cortana Logo

Customer Service:

Chatbots enable intuitive, 24/7 customer service activities that can save your business up to 29% on customer care costs annually.

Brand Engagement:

Enhance your brand experience to drive sales through product recommendations, personal shopping and personalized advice.

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Evenflo Retail Client Story


“Tallan delivered a great modern B2B portal for our customers, from the Fortune 500 retailers to the main street businesses. Tallan’s technical expertise ensured that the solution met all of our needs and that our IT staff was fully prepared to take over support of the application. The portal is a substantial improvement over what we had before and we would not have been able to get there without Tallan.”

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Brewster Home Fashions Retail Client Story

Brewster Home Fashions

Brewster Home Fashions was looking to expand on their already successful WallPops brand to allow customers to buy their popular wall art and decal designs directly through an online eCommerce portal. Using Znode and .NET architecture, Tallan was able to exceed Brewster’s expectations with 100% growth in visitors within the first month of site launch.

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