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Tallan, Inc. Announces the Launch of LMS Remote Voting, a Solution That Enables Legislators to Cast Votes from the Safety of Their Homes

Boston, MA – May 29, 2020

LMS Remote Voting is the latest addition to Tallan’s award-winning, market-leading, Legislative Management Suite. Remote Voting offers clerks and secretaries complete control to set-up new votes, validate member votes, and close votes on demand. Thanks to the straight-forward and intuitive interface votes for large legislative bodies, even those with well over 100 members, can be conducted in just a few minutes.  

Legislatures can be confident in the accuracy of all votes cast through robust auditing and tracking and features like multi-factor authentication and vote validation to ensure security and vote integrity. 

Remote Voting can be integrated into a legislature’s existing infrastructure in a matter of days. Additionally, thanks to a flexible deployment model, the Remote Voting solution can be installed in a legislature’s own data center or hosted by Tallan in a secure, certified for government, data center.  

“Tallan is proud to announce the launch of this product,” said Joe Giessner, SVP of Government Systems at Tallan. “These are difficult times for state legislatures whose traditions, many of which were established hundreds of years ago, are being challenging in significant waysHaving worked with, and delivered software solutions to, state legislatures for more than a decade, Tallan understands the unique challenges of building and utilizing technology in the legislative process. Whave quickly brought a Remote Voting solution to the market that will respect legislative traditions while also delivering security measures which maintain the public’s trust. 

To learn more about LMS Public Voting, visit: https://www.tallan.com/government-systems/remote-voting/ 

For information about Tallan’s Legislative Management Suite, visit: https://www.tallan.com/government-systems/legislative-management-suite/ 

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Tallan is the nation’s market leader in delivering legislative solutions, with more state legislative clients than any other provider. This legislative focus is backed by Tallan’s 35 years of experience leveraging its products and technical expertise to nurture customers‘ strategy and growth through digital innovation and enablement.