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T-Connect HIPAA Accelerator for BizTalk

Tallan’s T-Connect EDI Management Platform offers unique integration advantages when paired with BizTalk, allowing companies to maintain the investment in BizTalk Server while greatly expanding their EDI capabilities.


EDI files can present unique processing and management challenges. While BizTalk can parse EDI to XML, many limitations remain when developing integrations that require custom business logic, validation, and database persistence.

BizTalk Challenges:
  • Performance throughput concerns when processing large EDI files
  • EDI state and tracking concerns because BizTalk does not store EDI in a database
  • Traceable and transparent EDI data concerns because BizTalk limits visibility to just the EDI context properties
  • Limited self-service EDI management capabilities – IT is solely responsible for investigating and remediating failed EDI processes
  • Unable to perform complex business rules related to trading partner and regulatory state / federal agencies
  • BizTalk skillsets are difficult to staff – T-Connect utilizes standard .NET and SQL Server skillsets


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T-Connect HIPAA Accelerator significantly decreases EDI management and operations for BizTalk EDI organizations. It is deployed as a custom pipeline component or standalone set of DLLs, database tables, and operational portal screens with the following features:
  • Increase EDI parsing speeds and process large EDI files – Our EDI parser component is built from the ground up with a focus on speed and flexibility. T-Connect EDI parser pipeline component can parse and persist over 500,000 enrollments in less than 7 minutes.
  • Generate standard or customized 999 and 277CA acknowledgment files.
  • Invoke T-Connect’s powerful .Net API from BizTalk maps and orchestrations.
  • Split large files into smaller workloads for optimized BizTalk intake processing.
  • Persist EDI to databases with a few lines of simple .Net code. T-Connect has databases for all X12 transaction sets. They are engineered for speed and flexibility.
  • View your EDI content in Power BI dashboards, extensible for almost every business need.
  • View and manage EDI flows and messages using T-Connect Operations Web Portal. Business users can edit the EDI message and resubmit on-the-fly!
  • Modify EDI with custom business logic and enrichments as a pre-process, before BizTalk translates the EDI to XML.
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Our T-Connect databases stores every element and data point for X12 EDI files. It’s built for speed and flexibility, importing and exporting large EDI payloads in minutes. Our competitor’s solutions are slow and the process is treated as a “black box”.


Tallan partnered with BizTalk360 to demonstrate how the combination of these two platforms can enhance your current BizTalk environment.

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We are proud to announce the recognition of T-Connect as the NEECOM EDI Solution of the Year Award for the 2017 conference. This award recognizes businesses who have developed products or services that improve efficiencies and/or enhance their sustainability and include an EDI component. Check out the announcement and more at neecom.org


T-Connect HIPAA Accelerator takes the risk out of EDI platform integration and supercharges your data processing speeds. But don’t just take our word for it. Complete the form below to request a demo today!


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