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Innovation for EDI Integration

Innovation in EDI Integration


T-Connect EDI Management Suite

T-Connect EDI Management Suite is a HIPAA-focused EDI management platform designed to accelerate claim and payment processing, improve first-pass adjudication rates and provide end-to-end visibility into the lifecycle of your data.  It’s an enterprise ready integration platform built specifically for solving today’s complex X12 EDI processing.

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T-Connect HIPAA Accelerator for BizTalk

Tallan’s T-Connect EDI Management Platform offers unique integration advantages when paired with BizTalk, allowing companies to maintain the investment in BizTalk Server while greatly expanding their EDI capabilities.

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T-Connect X12 Studio EDI Toolbox

T-Connect X12 Studio EDI Toolbox is a product geared towards improving X12 workloads for analyst and developers. It’s an EDI toolbox with a-la-carte packaged components. You can mix and match various components based on your needs and budget.

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Health Plans

Plans and MCOs are faced with increasing pressure to adhere to state and federal regulatory rules and deadlines. T-Connect can improve encounter submission acceptance rates. Increase member allocation and reimbursements with pre-built rules, self-learning claim edits, and reduced infrastructure.


Health Informatics require accuracy, speed, and deep analysis of X12 transaction data. Powering your EDI gateway system with T-Connect means that you can leverage our innovation to gain a unique and unfair advantage over your competitors.


Save money by significantly reducing claim errors. T-Connect lowers administration costs for ACOs and connects EHR/EMR systems with reusable HL7 workflows while increasing transparency.

Clearinghouses / VANS

Power TPAs, Clearinghouses, and VANs with the speed, transparency, flexibility, and reusability that your customers expect.



Flat files, spreadsheets, and other non-standardized files can be easily integrated with T-Connect. Parse, validate, and transform to any X12 or HL7 format easily.


Providers can leverage the same power for HL7 as our X12 engine, including transparency, accuracy, and analytics with the same powerful parsing and validation innovation.


Our product has the following enterprise ready differentiators

  • Process very large files and volume quickly. Process 500k claims and enrollments in minutes!
  • Components are proven as an enterprise level solution.
  • Capabilities are reliable, well tested, complete coverage, and super-fast!
  • Proven and tested SNIP WEDI edits. Elevated SNIP levels available upon request.
  • Includes complete coverage for all segments and fields.
  • Created for EDI Analysts, developers, and non-EDI business users.
  • Simple and easy to use user interface application, or utilize our command line feature to automate processing.


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