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Tallan to Host Executive Roundtable Event for Public Water Industry

Glastonbury, CT – November 13, 2020

Today, Tallan announced aExecutive Roundtable, taking place on Wednesday, November 18th from 12 – 1:30 PM. This discussion will bring likeminded executives together to share their perspectiveon digital disruption as well as the state of the water utility industry. The panel of participants include members of utility organizations from all parts of the country, from the Pacific Northwest, to the Southeast. 

This event’s panel of thought leaders was carefully curated by Tallan and Microsoft to secure representation that will maximize the benefit for all participants. Due to the group’s national reachthroundtable will be held virtually, on Microsoft Teams. This event will be an opportunity for participating executives to provide greater perspective on priorities, initiatives, concerns and successes.   

“Tallan has worked side-by-side with multiple water authorities and utility organizations across the country. As a decorated Microsoft partner, and drawing from our cross-industry experiences, we have immersed ourselves in many common industry challenges and can identify precise ways to leverage the power of the Microsoft Azure cloud to support public utility initiatives. I’m excited about the opportunity to discuss the state of the public water industry, especially during these trying times, to understand how to better serve our customers, and to provide my expertise to these industry executives so we can all be better prepared to use technology to help manage our world’s most critical resource.” Said Jared Brown, Vice President of Data and Analytics at Tallan.   

Jared will be joined by moderator Amanda Howard of Microsoft, in addition to nearly a dozen hand-picked individuals. 

Ultimately, this conversation should help foster a more united understanding of the benefits and challenges of inter-state initiatives, and allow these panelists to communicate and align with peers they may not have known before.  

To learn more about Tallan’s work in the water and utility industry, visit Tallan.com/our-work 

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