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Tallan Featured in Microsoft Customer Story on HIV Tracking Data-to-Care Program

Glastonbury, CT – October 20, 2020

On October 20th, 2020, Microsoft shared an interview via their Customer Portal outlining a project focused on Data-to-Care, a data driven public health strategy. This interview provides insight into Microsoft and Tallan’s effort to establish a sustainable solution for the phased implementation of HANK (HIV-AIDS Networked Knowledgebase).

The Customer Story, viewable here, features an insightful discussion between Heather Linardos, HIV Surveillance Program Director for the Connecticut Department of Public Health, Microsoft’s Andy Pitman and Brian Sampson, Managing Director of Tallan.

“It was challenging to surface Data-to-Care events manually in time for the intervention to be effective,” said Heather Linardos, CTDPH. “We had to match data sets across other programs and data systems that were siloed. In addition, the program’s lab reporting process was highly antiquated.”

HANK utilizes data from over 70,000 lab reports, received yearly, to identity and provide public health intervention to HIV positive individuals. Streamlining the data aggregation process has resulted in the ability to prevent future transmission of HIV, a viral disease that currently has no cure. Early benefits of the HANK program include a reduction in data error as well as a notable increase in staff productivity with improved workflow consistency.

“Implementing Data-to-Care was a daunting task placed on staff who were already operating at capacity,” said Brian Sampson, Managing Director of Tallan. “Most important, the timeliness of HIV-related laboratory report processing is critical to identify Data-to-Care events in time to conduct interventions that could prevent forward transmission of HIV.”

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