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Tallan Presents ‘Learn at Home’ Interactive Technology Event

New Haven, CT – December 18, 2020

On Friday, December 18, Christina Tillbrook (Senior UX Consultant) and Victoria Niemann (HR Generalist) of Tallan presented to a virtual classroom of students enrolled at West Rock STREAM Academy in New Haven Connecticut. Christina and Victoria took them on a journey through the real-world use of UX Design and basic programming.

Tallan’s Diversity and Inclusion committee is working to provide outreach to our communities. The goal is to spread education and awareness on the importance and benefits of technology to inspire students to look into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields.

Tallan created and hosted an interactive session with students to educate them on how video games and website designs have evolved, and what that means when working in the technology industry. Students participated in an exercise where they analyzed a web page and discussed ways to improve it. Christina and Victoria then dove into the basics on how a video game is programmed. Every student in the class participated in the discussion and seemed fascinated with the presentation. We have seven pages of chat messages to prove it!

These students now have a greater understanding about the evolution of video games and website design. In our closing discussion, we left them with the thought that artists are not just singers or painters. Artists can be technology experts as well!

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