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While a 100% digital mortgage doesn’t (yet) exist, you can make big strides in that direction. Tallan’s solutions enable lenders to improve in key areas where technology can make a big difference.

On average, it takes over 40 days to close a mortgage loan, costing the lender over $8,000 and leaving only $1,000 in profit – if they’re lucky.

Those figures leave a lot of room for improvement and best-of-breed lenders are turning to technology to capture that edge.

Opportunities to Spend Less, Do More

Solutions for Going Digital

Tallan’s solutions introduce technology that allows lenders to run leaner while enabling loan officers to produce more.

Tallan in Action

Tallan’s work for American Financial Resources was featured in the Spring 2018 edition of Toggle Magazine.

“By partnering with key long-term partners, AFR has been able to build world-class, game changing technologies.”
– Taryn Plumb, Toggle Magazine
“AFR is the first and only mortgage company that has an Alexa skill”
– Bill Packer, CIO, American Financial Resources
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A better user experience for both borrowers and staff will increase efficiency, and decrease time-to-close. We have been there and done that, and we can evaluate the options to help move forward toward a true digital mortgage.