Mortgage Lending Technology

Tallan’s solutions enable lenders to improve in key areas where technology can make a big difference.

On average, it takes over 40 days to close a mortgage loan, costing the lender over $8,000 and leaving only $1,000 in profit…

Those figures leave a lot of room for improvement and best-of-breed lenders are turning to technology to capture that edge.

Opportunities to Spend Less and Do More

Be Everywhere

Be Everywhere and Stay Relevant

Omni-channel. From branch to online to mobile, and from boomers to millennials, customers want a seamless experience that gets them.


Generate Leads Through Targeted Marketing

Leveraging data can help run relevant campaigns with timely messaging that increase response rates and the quality of leads.


Reduce the Time to Close

Imagine being able to offer borrowers closings in 20 days, less than half the industry average.


Increase Productivity to Spend Less Per Loan

Automation can enable existing teams to handle higher loan volumes without adding staff.

Bottom Line

Make Investments That Don’t Eat Into the Bottom Line

Many technology providers for the mortgage lending industry have adopted a price-per-loan model, which can minimize profit.

Solutions for Digital Lending

Tallan’s solutions introduce technology that allows lenders to run leaner while enabling loan officers to produce more.


Point of Sale

Build or buy, we’ll help determine the path that’s right and then help execute it.



It’s all about reducing clicks. Each click takes time and introduces risk. Automating certain tasks can eliminate that risk and free teams up to focus on higher-value work.


Analytics and Data Visualization

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Blending loan data with industry and other third-party information can help surface competitive insights.

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Increase your ROI today!

A better user experience for both borrowers and staff will increase efficiency, and decrease time-to-close. We have been there and done that, and we can evaluate the options to help move forward toward a true digital mortgage.