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At Tallan we are highly specialized mobile development experts. Using our proven strategies we can help develop a plan for forward-thinking companies looking to improve by effectively applying mobile to all areas of their organization.


Application Modernization

Re-Energize legacy applications to improve business innovation.

Modernize your business by identifying key pieces of software that are detracting from business progression. Tallan can help you to extract value from your current applications, decide on the best approach to upgrading your technology stack and work with your staff to implement a refactored, cutting-edge, go to market solution for your business. Let us bring your apps to the cloud, leveraging technologies such as Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Mobile Responsive Web Apps

Rich, fluid content designed for EVERY device, EVERYWHERE.

Whether it’s a tablet, phone or desktop, mobile responsive web applications will look and function beautifully no matter the device. Written in HTML5 and powered by full-featured JavaScript libraries such as AngularJS and ReactJS, mobile responsive web apps have the ability to reach your audience on any level. Utilizing our custom tools and libraries we can construct a fully featured enterprise level web app for you in weeks, not months.

Native App Development

Transform ideas into apps.

Take advantage of every aspect of the phone’s operating system by building in their native language. Developing applications leveraging Swift, Java or .NET can help to create an app that is fast, responsive and efficient. Leverage our passion and experience to build an app that pushes the foundations of the phone OS.

Cross Platform Solutions

Write ONCE, deploy as many times as needed.

Harness the flexibility of mobile responsive web apps and the power of native apps with our cross platform hybrid solutions. Utilizing Xamarin and Phonegap, our developers can write native applications in familiar code languages to be deployed to multiple phone operating systems utilizing a single code base.

Technology that Drives Enablement

Mobile technology is constantly changing and user needs are rapidly evolving, making it difficult for organizations to keep up. At Tallan, we employ a team of technologists that are experts in existing and emerging mobile technologies.


Great Apps, Happy Clients.

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Our Experience

Tallan has successfully delivered thousands of projects to clients in nearly every industry. Read all about it on our client stories page or contact us today to learn more.

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