Getting Started with Machine Learning

Taking those first steps on your Machine Learning journey can feel a bit overwhelming considering the variety of platforms, the immense volume of data required, and understanding the techniques to really ensure you are creating the best model possible.

You don’t have to take that journey alone, Tallan data experts can help you through each step of this process, so please feel free to reach out.

In the meantime, here are some resources to help get you started:

Azure Icon

Getting started with Microsoft Azure ML Studio

Sign-up for a free Azure ML Studio work space.
Then free to try Microsoft’s step-by-step guide and an example walkthrough using Azure ML Studio.
The Azure AI Gallery has hundreds of real-world examples segmented by industry, with varying levels of complexity and using different technologies.

Enterprise Machine Learning

If you are looking to run your predictive experiments on a truly enterprise scale, take a look at Azure Machine Learning services, which while currently in preview, are fully supportive of the open source community and technologies.


Machine Learning with Python and R

If you’ve used R before, consider trying out some of the more popular machine learning packages:

• Classification/Regression/Clustering: mlr by mlr-org
• Anomaly Detection: AnomalyDetection by Twitter

New to R, or want to try one of the biggest tools for statistical analysis? Consider taking the Microsoft R for Data Science course for free.
Favor Python instead? The best way to get started with machine learning is the all-in-one library: scikit-learn
If New to Python, or wanting to try one of the most accessible programming languages? Consider taking the Microsoft Python for Data Science course for free.

Additional Resources

Machine Learning for Retailers Webinar

ML for Retailers YouTube

Machine Learning Getting Started Guide


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