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Massachusetts State Legislature: Online Democracy Award Winner 2018

Michael Greenman
August 21, 2018

NCSL Award

State Legislatures want to increase public awareness of government and public policy, but many struggle with how best to do that. Elected officials along with legislative staff are increasingly open to making an investment in technology that empowers citizens to be aware of what their government is doing for them. Software and technology innovation has opened many doors to the public at-large and as a result, the demand for information is growing larger every year.

The Massachusetts State Legislature partnered with Tallan to modernize its legislative workflow, but quickly realized the value of what could be done to increase citizen involvement with that data. The result is a cutting-edge web portal capable of informing the public and encouraging web visitors to get involved with the legislative process through effective engagement strategies typical of consumer-centric, online companies.

Through a very detailed, User Experience (UX)-driven design process, Tallan has delivered a truly unique solution and the results have received some attention. Massachusetts was recently named the Online Democracy Award winner for 2018 by the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) for accessible, transparent and engaging presentation of complex legislative information. This is the second time Massachusetts has received this award in partnership with Tallan.

This is only the beginning. With this successful collaboration, Tallan has set a template for public-private partnership by leveraging modern and familiar Microsoft platform applications to build internal and external solutions that increase transparency and accessibility to data while reducing human error and expediting routine tasks that are unique for every government office.

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