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Departments of Public Health

Excellence through experience is how Tallan’s Data, Azure, and App teams solve problems for statewide Departments of Health.

Advance the abilities of your state’s Public Health department.

Tallan’s Data & Analytics, Infrastructure & Security, and Apps & Experiences teams have delivered powerful solutions for states in the Northeast, Pacific Northwest and Southwest, taking Master Patient Indexing from a pie-in-the-sky dream, to proving its plausibility in the cloud.

Our teams have supported COVID-19 data, analytics, and reporting efforts to establish trust within communities, promote surveillance of spread and to ensure accurate test and vaccination status and results in a user-friendly, consumable way.

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Areas of expertise

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Patient Population Analytics & Reporting

HIV Surveillance 

COVID-19 Data Quality Analysis 

Data Integration & Analytics

Application Infrastructure & Security Concerns

HIV Surveillance 

Master Patient Indexing

Epidemiology Support Services

Process Automation

solutions & Benefits

Our goal was to streamline the entire laboratory data processing workflow. With over 70,000 lab reports received by the HIV Surveillance Program per year, both paper and electronically, this was a highly complex process. 

Connecticut’s Department of Public Health Achieved:

  • 50% reduction in staff hours required to conduct HIV record searches and matching
  • 50% reduction in duplicate data entry across HIV systems
  • 75% reduction in data entry errors
  • 25 % improvement in detection of acute HIV cases
  • Time to identify Data-to-Care target events reduced from quarterly to daily
  • Time to generate, match, and process an “Out-of-Care” list reduced from two months to zero days


Security Expertise

Evaluate your resources and business objectives to audit and develop a fresh approach to your security strategy. Focus on foundational areas that are typically the most vulnerable to begin, and implement and remediate from there.

Water Reporting

Reporting & Analytics

Make better, informed decisions for your constituent population. A modern reporting and analytics solution will consolidate and unify your data sources, and streamline and enhance your processes.

Applications & User Experience

 Make the most of your state’s public health population data and gain operational efficiency with custom, modern applications.

Stored Procedures

Maximize with Microsoft

Achieve quick validation for your modernization goals. Use Microsoft funding to pilot initiatives in just weeks. Tallan will be by your side managing and supporting your success, every step of the way.


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