People Analytics and Reporting

Using Human Resources Data to Understand Your Employees

Retaining top talent in this competitive job market is crucial for your business goals. Use your existing data to understand the cost and impact of replacing key members of your team and identify opportunities to retain them.

Opportunities with HR Data

Solutions through Analysis



Identify and collect key employee information that can be leveraged for essential reporting. This data can come in the form of spreadsheets, survey results, and exit interviews to name a few.



Build visually rich and interactive reports to support and align with your Human Resources goals and strategies.



Classify individuals into groups based any criteria you deem fit. From college degree, to age hired, to the risk of a key employee’s departure; the decision is yours.



Ensure your information is always current by exploring options like an automated data refresh schedule that creates constant communication between Human Resource personnel and Department Heads.

HR Visualizations in Action

Understanding your data should be easy and informative, and it should also be fun. Play around with this sample Power BI dashboard and visualize the endless reporting possibilities for your organization’s needs.

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