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At Tallan, we understand the challenges healthcare organizations face when it comes to managing EDI data. Providers and payers are under tremendous pressure as the population continues to grow and age. Healthcare organizations are feeling the pinch from every angle. Payers must manage the funding gaps and advance the care of members while the regulatory environment is constantly in motion. Providers continue to face intense regulatory demands and are challenged with maintaining service quality and improving revenue cycle effectiveness. At the center, these companies utilize rigid and inefficient electronic health record systems.



No Transparency

EDI becomes a “black box” that provides very little transparency into processing, an inability to apply rules, and lack of manageability.



3rd party solutions, inadequate internal systems and clearinghouses significantly affect the bottom line total cost of ownership.


We’ve helped our customers overcome these challenges with a combination of a revolutionary technology and our profound healthcare experience. Tallan’s T-Connect HIPAA Accelerator is a suite of products focused on EDI management and processing that can quickly and easily onboard trading partners, enrich data provided by clearinghouses and other systems, turn ANSI EDI into readable PDF documents and provide rich data visualizations.



Visualize and understand the flow of your EDI processing with our executive dashboards, databases, analytics and operation portals.



Enjoy significant cost savings, avoid transaction volume pricing and expensive ongoing charges with Tallan’s fixed, one-time cost model.

T-Connect helps healthcare organizations take ownership of the EDI management process, delivering the full range of X12 EDI Healthcare transactions.


With data ownership, you now have the ability to see and analyze your EDI data, and the flexibility to customize visualizations as your needs expand.


In making the switch to T-Connect, our clients have experienced such enhancements to their EDI processing and management that it’s hard not to get excited about it. Check out their stories in their own words and learn more about the customs solutions developed to meet their needs.

Inland Empire Health Plan EDI Client Story

Inland Empire Health Plan

“With Tallan’s architectural guidance and ability to deliver technical solutions, IEHP is able to meet regulatory requirements, throughput, and our partner SLAs are assured. We expect our EDI administrative cost to be a third of what it once was.” – Arnold Allende, EDI Manager

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Hudson Center for Health Equity and Quality EDI Client Story

Hudson Center for Health Equity and Quality

“We needed the right partner to help us transform our vision into reality. We chose Tallan because they provided the technical expertise and the strong project management we were looking for.” – Catherine Clancy, Senior Vice President

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National Healthcare PPO EDI Client Story

National Healthcare PPO

A National Healthcare Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) turned to Tallan for help in migrating their existing claims management system, while gaining more transparency for their overall claims intake process. With EDI experience and a suite of products available, Tallan was able to provide the PPO the necessary tools to build an effective claims intake process with end-to-end visibility.

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Pennsylvania Healthcare System EDI Client Story

Pennsylvania Healthcare System

With the installation of new applications and systems to support their existing platforms, a Pennsylvania Healthcare System had numerous challenges when it came to their internal operations and data analysis. By leveraging the T-Connect HL7 Accelerator, Tallan implemented a trusted, reusable, and compliant enterprise platform designed to help the organization unlock data to improve patient care and achieve their business goals.

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