Statute Codification

Tallan’s Codification solution provides state legislatures with a dashboard, conflict detection & resolution, automated codification, and outputs formats such as HTML and PDF-A for the processed statutes. The Microsoft Word-based application provides a workflow for approval of the generated documents as well as the ability to publish them. This tool enables users to update statutes based on bills that have passed as well as non-substantive changes that the statute revisors are empowered to make. Using a modern, familiar software interface makes the task of updating and organizing statutes a more efficient and accurate process.



Transparent Accuracy

Delivered as a Microsoft Word add-in with a context-sensitive ribbon and custom dockable panes to update statutes, Tallan’s Codification solution incorporates bill text from enacted legislation and any nonsubstantive additions into the statutes. Using familiar software reduces edit conflicts while expediting the process of updating state laws.


Versatile Publishing

Tallan’s solution allows legislatures to publish laws and statutes in any format, including HTML, OpenOffice, PDF, PDF/A for long-term document preservation, and digitally-signed PDFs. Whether for print or website publishing, Tallan’s solution provides statute revisors and legislative librarians modern tools to publish official documents.


User-Managed Automation

With customized workflows and rules built to your specifications, Statute Codification has the ability to automatically codify a bill by selecting it and seeing it directly in context with the original statutory text. Tallan helps simplify this process by updating entire statutory units (chapters and sections), with all bills affected listed in a task pane.


Centralized Database

Identifying legislation that contains conflict is a key concern for any legislative body. Using modern software, a unique process workflow, and a centralized database sets Tallan’s solution apart. Effortlessly handle future effective dating, recording and reporting on statute update history, and update existing code seamlessly.


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Massachusetts Legislature

  • Public Web Portal
  • Complete Legislative Workflow
  • Constituent Engagement
  • Legislator Mobile Voting
Delaware Legislature

Delaware Legislature

  • Bill Drafting Software
  • Public Web Portal
  • Complete Legislative Workflow
  • Automated Statute Codification

Maine Legislature

  • Bill Drafting Software
  • Visual Amendment Drafting
  • Automated Engrossment
  • Automated Statute Codification

LINCS/NALIT Online Democracy Award

Tallan partnered with the Massachusetts Legislature to increase citizen engagement and modernize its web presence. The public website won the NCSL Online Democracy Award for the second time in five years.
NCSL Online Democracy Award

NCSL Award

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