Session Management

Tallan’s session management solution allows legislative clerks and secretaries to manage calendars, arrange sequencing of bills taken up, and the processing of those bills to final result. Easily create calendars and agendas, record chamber activities in realtime, and convene, recess, and adjourn session proceedings, with a click of the button. With the ability to capture chamber events as they occur, changes made have generated documents, as well as the recorded history of the document. Agenda management functionality defines the processes releasing agendas and publishing them to your public website.


LAWS Clerk Screen Final


Tallan’s session management system is built on Microsoft technologies such as SQL Server and SharePoint to integrate with your existing data and systems and offer options for future growth.

DELIS Agenda Management Final


Intuitive design empowers staff to do their job even better. Engaging screens balance ease of use and depth of functionality during the busiest times of legislative session. Built to improve your workflow.

LAWS Agenda Management Final


Legislative staff can access any session information they are authorized to view, customized by role. All system data is available from a single, secure source.

LAWS Dashboard


Whether you implement one or all of the Session Management suite components, you can easily integrate with your Journal and 3rd party software applications.

System Modules

icon_modules Agenda Management

icon_modules Chamber Management

icon_modules Calendar Management

icon_modules Legislative Workflow

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Massachusetts Legislature

  • Public Web Portal
  • Session Management
  • Constituent Engagement
  • Legislator Mobile Voting
Delaware Legislature

Delaware Legislature

  • Bill Drafting Software
  • Public Web Portal
  • Session Management
  • Constituent Engagement

Maine Legislature

  • Bill Drafting Software
  • Visual Amendment Drafting
  • Automated Engrossment
  • Automated Statute Codification

LINCS/NALIT Online Democracy Award

Tallan partnered with the Massachusetts Legislature to increase citizen engagement and modernize its web presence. The public website won the NCSL Online Democracy Award for the second time in five years.
NCSL Online Democracy Award

NCSL Award

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