Journal Management

Reduce time and effort involved with producing, proofing and publishing your legislative journal through Tallan’s Journal Management solution. This enterprise-level software application produces the official chronological record of proceedings and action taken in a format that can be published instantly in both digital and paper formats. The activity records are automatically added to the journal where each of these activity records can be reviewed, formatted, updated, and reordered by legislative staff, clerks, and secretaries. This solution also allows you the flexibility to manually add activities and leverage user-designed templates for maximum flexibility.




Journal Management allows clerks and secretaries to add events directly to the journal even if they were not originally scheduled for that session’s proceedings. Activity records are automatically added and these activity records can be reviewed, formatted, updated, and reordered by legislative staff instantly for maximum flexibility and complete control during the busiest times during session.


Each state legislature is unique, and Tallan’s Journal Management is designed with flexibility in mind. The unique workflows and data inputs are defined and can be modified by our customers. This tool provides customization interfaces which allow those requirements to be incorporated into this complete journal solution. Microsoft based code ensures a strong and sustainable software foundation.

User Friendly

Tallan’s solution includes a visual, drag and drop interface for clerks and secretaries to create new templates for the journal record rules that are tied to legislative events/activities. Once a new template is created, any legislative event identified by a rule will create a new journal entry record for the bill(s) related to the event. The text for the bill history entry will be generated according to the template defined within the rule.



As legislatures modernize, the public’s demand for more available information continues to grow. In addition to expediting record keeping and producing official session documents, Journal Management offers the capability to quickly edit and publish production quality documents, saving time and delivering public transparency of session proceedings faster than ever before.

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Journal Management Automated

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Massachusetts Legislature

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Delaware Legislature

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Maine Legislature

  • Bill Drafting Software
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  • Automated Engrossment
  • Automated Statute Codification

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