Committee Management

Committee Management automates many time-consuming tasks associated with committee work. Tallan’s robust software application allows you to securely manage meeting materials, allow members to collaborate anywhere, and participate in voting quickly and easily. This stand-alone application empowers your staff to schedule meetings and hearings, hold votes, and create committee recommendations and reports using a secure, Microsoft-based platform. Members can access real-time updates to materials anywhere on-the-go from smartphones or tablets, enabling legislators to have more information, gain deeper insights, and seamlessly transition between meetings.



Stand-Alone Application

Complement your existing system with independent live hearing management, reporting, hearing packet creation, voting, and web pages to be displayed in hearing rooms. Automate processes while providing information to committee members and the general public on presenters, committee members, and the agenda.


Workflow Integration

Tallan’s Committee Management solution integrates with your existing systems to both receive and send data using custom-built APIs. This flexibility enables you to extend your existing workflow and data into a powerful application to create hearing packets and send updates back to your Legislative Management System for reporting.


Secure Voting

Tallan’s Committee Management solution allows legislators to vote on their own devices, whether Android or iPhone devices. Leveraging Xamarin, a single code base supports both major mobile phone platforms. Geo-fencing technology ensures that legislators are physically in the committee hearing room when voting.


Live Hearing Management

Leveraging the experience and capabilities of Tallan’s user experience (UX) team, our customers receive a unique design that is not only modern and engaging, but is also ADA accessible and Section 508 compliant. Additionally, Tallan’s web portal solution is multi-lingual capable and responsive.


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Massachusetts Legislature

  • Public Web Portal
  • Complete Legislative Workflow
  • Committee Management
  • Legislator Mobile Voting
Delaware Legislature

Delaware Legislature

  • Bill Drafting Software
  • Public Web Portal
  • Complete Legislative Workflow
  • Committee Management

Maine Legislature

  • Bill Drafting Software
  • Visual Amendment Drafting
  • Automated Engrossment
  • Automated Statute Codification

LINCS/NALIT Online Democracy Award

Tallan partnered with the Massachusetts Legislature to increase citizen engagement and modernize its web presence. The public website won the NCSL Online Democracy Award for the second time in five years.
NCSL Online Democracy Award

NCSL Award

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