Accessible Web Portal

Accessible Web Portal is an innovative product for transparency and availability of complex legislative information. It increases public participation, reduces manual errors, and saves time and money by integrating seamlessly into the Tallan Legislative Management Suite. Once legislative processes are completed and finalized, information is automatically posted for instant availability. Custom-built with the user experience in mind, Tallan’s Accessible Web Portal offers robust search capabilities, responsive design for any screen and multi-lingual format suited for your needs. Constituents can track the status of the legislation they care about most and earn badges through personalized engagement options.


Human-Centered Application Development

Constituent Engagement

The redesigned public site provides legislators with numerous ways to connect with their constituents using their legislator profile pages. These pages include social media features that provide a forum to share contact information and sponsor bills, highlight biographical information, display interactive district maps, and even use a built-in slideshow player to run through a photo album.


Optimized For Every Screen

Powered by an intuitive content management system, Tallan’s award-winning web portal is available and accessible on any internet-enabled device. Whether small or large screen, the user experience is optimized for the device. This results in increased engagement and availability for all citizens. With gamification, this solution modernizes your communications for all ages.


Real-Time Information

Tallan’s Web Portal solution provides citizens with the tools to track legislation through the use of web services and cloud hosting. Additionally, state legislatures can communicate information instantly and directly using opt-in SMS texting functionality and enable access to real-time meeting proceedings.


Accessible & Multi-Lingual

Leveraging the experience and capabilities of Tallan’s user experience (UX) team, our customers receive a unique design that is not only modern and engaging, but is also ADA accessible and Section 508 compliant. Additionally, Tallan’s web portal solution is multi-lingual capable and responsive.

Client Stories

“Tallan’s technical expertise and deep understanding of the legislative process enable them to deliver systems that have truly transformed the Massachusetts Legislature. The public website demonstrates their ability to present complex legislative information in a way that is easy to understand and compelling for the constituents of Massachusetts.”
Michael Hurley,
Asst. Clerk, Massachusetts Senate


Delaware General Assembly


  • Simple & Intuitive
  • Designed for All Users
  • Social Media Ready
  • Unique Experience
Create Your Own Bill


  • Cloud-Hosted on Microsoft Azure
  • Advanced Search
  • Open Data API
  • Interactive Video Transcripts
Mass Ledg Tour


  • Section 508/ADA-Compliant
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Compatible w/ Modern Devices
  • AR/VR Experience

LINCS/NALIT Online Democracy Award

Tallan partnered with the Massachusetts Legislature to increase citizen engagement and modernize its web presence. The public website won the NCSL Online Democracy Award for the second time in five years.
NCSL Online Democracy Award

NCSL Award

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