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“Tallan demonstrates deep technical and project management expertise, but what sets them apart from other consultancies is their dedication to being a partner with their clients. Tallan has consistently supported us in our technical efforts while providing extra value through workshops, technology alerts, and acting as an advisor on challenges (even when outside scope of a specific project).”

Daniel M. Saroff, Chief Information Officer
MA Committee for Public Counsel Services


Accessible Web Portals

Accessible Web Portals

Tallan’s award-winning and ADA-compliant Public websites deliver transparency to the public with an intuitive and engaging look and feel on any device.

Human-Centered Application Development

Legislative Management

Save time and effort by modernizing paper-based systems, increasing capabilities and minimizing errors while improving efficiency.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Designing, developing and deploying cloud based applications is on the critical path to digital innovation and modernization. Tallan can help agencies migrate, adopt, and build cloud based applications to meet your needs.


Data Transformation

Use data from isolated systems to identify outreach priorities so that staff can find and help citizens overcome barriers to care, and improve the overall quality of service.

BI Solutions

Turn your data into actionable intelligence by empowering your users to pull insights from all kinds of data sources and share across your entire agency.


AI Chatbots

Have 24/7 Customer Service without the cost of additional staff and create a more positive customer service experience and respond with more personalized information.

Tallan Government Systems Benefits

Modernize Legacy Systems

A modern government demands modern solutions to support it. Decrease risk and increase efficiency.

Increase Engagement

Promote constituent engagement with intuitive, user-experience driven solutions.

Validation Load Options
Reduce Errors

Replace burdensome, error-prone processes with custom solutions that meet your exact needs.

Gain Insights

Put your data to work for you. Quickly gain powerful insights into your data with modern analytics and visualizations.

Complete Transparency

Provide accountability and promote public engagement with full access to public information and data on the web.

Enable Self-Service

Achieve 24/7 customer support with chatbots powered by AI. Improve user experience with a conversational interface.

Tallan Statewide Contracts:

California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS)
Contract #3-18-70-3511A


Department of Public Health HIV Surveillance Program
Contract #18PSX0094


Legislative Information System Replacement (DELIS)
Contract #LEG13001-DELIS


ITS53 Project Services – Solution Providers Statewide Contract
Contract #14-1080-OSD01-OSD10-00000001419


Information Technology Managed Services Statewide Contact
Contract #ITQ1216185007


Approved Qualified Vendor for IT Services
Contract #81110000-ITQ-26 and #81110000-ITQ-27


Retainer Contracts for IT Professional Services
Contract #33615 and #36975


State Contract for Project Based Work
Contract #VA-130620-CAI


Tallan has developed strong partnerships with several government entities, becoming the go-to firm when technical support and strategy is needed.

Massachusetts Legislature
Massachusetts Committee for Public Counsel Services
Delaware General Assembly
Massachusetts Office of the State Auditor
Massachusetts Legislature

An Award-Winning Legislative Platform

“Tallan’s technical expertise and deep understanding of legislative process enable them to deliver systems that have truly transformed the Massachusetts Legislature.”

—Michael Hurley, Clerk of the Massachusetts Senate

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Massachusetts Committee for Public Counsel Services

A Unified Case Management Solution

CPCS currently manages three separate applications to address their case management needs. As an organization they sought to improve their case management solutions by consolidating and modernizing the toolset they used. This meant a complete ground-up design and build effort. This multi-phased project to complete the design and development of a modern case management solution will launch in 2019.

Delaware General Assembly

A Comprehensive Legislative Workflow System

The State of Delaware’s General Assembly looked to Tallan to replace its outdated legislative systems with a modern application suite built on Microsoft technologies. At the heart of this suite is a workflow system that streamlines legislative processes and maintains a comprehensive audit trail for all legislative activities. Tallan also delivered a completely redesigned public site that provides Delaware constituents transparent access to legislative data.

Massachusetts Office of the State Auditor

A User-Centric Intranet and Project Site

The Office of the State Auditor engaged Tallan to get an assessment for migrating their current SharePoint 2013 environment to SharePoint 2016. This assessment involved reviewing the current SharePoint environments and solutions, and determining the plan and effort to perform a “lift and shift” migration.

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