The rapid adoption of smartphones, tablets, and daily online deals has driven consumer preferences for online shopping. Online stores are now expected to provide an exceptional, personalized experience regardless of the customer’s location and how they reach your store.


Turn Visitors Into Customers

eCommerce empowers visitors to complete a transaction in a familiar shopping environment.

 Whether that transaction is purchasing a product, viewing houses for sale, signing up for a loyalty program, or paying a credit card bill. Tallan can help you increase the rate of visitor-to-customer conversions by integrating capabilities that engage your visitor and build trust including product videos, product rating systems, customer reviews, Live Chat, and a variety of payment and shipping options.

Grow Customer Loyalty

A successful eCommerce strategy provides a personalized experience and great customer service.

When your eCommerce system is extended to track and predict customer behavior, you can provide customers with real-time information and offers that are tailored to their preferences. Advanced personalization can be achieved with data mining, retail analytics and social network integration and is crucial to building customer loyalty and generating repeat orders. Tallan brings together eCommerce, UX, and Business Intelligence expertise to help take your eCommerce initiative to the next level.


For over 15 years, our eCommerce team has been delivering powerful and scalable multi-channel solutions to brand-name clients.

  • Web site design and development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Mobile commerce Web sites and shopping apps
  • Shopping cart development and integration using .NET, Java, and PHP
  • Payment processor integration with Authorize.Net, PayPal, and Google Checkout
  • Sales tax and shipping Web service integration
  • Comparison Shopping Engine (CSE) integration including Google Product Search and Bing Shopping
  • ERP and CRM integration
  • Third-party implementations



Dedicated smartphone and tablet apps can differentiate your business by offering immediate, personalized, and seamless access to your products and services. Windows 8 can further enhance your multichannel retail strategy by extending your efforts to strengthen your brand and grow customer loyalty. Tallan, together with Microsoft, offers a Windows 8 Shopping Reference App that can help any company get up to speed fast with over 80% of the functions required to drive a successful Windows 8 experience for your customers.

Download the Windows 8 Shopping Sample App to discover the engaging experience and unprecedented reach of a Windows 8 app.


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