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 Businesses of all sizes benefit from increased agility and speed to market. DevOps (a merging of the words ‘development’ and ‘operations’) provides the practices and tools necessary to achieve effective automation and agile workloads

The value of devops

What is DevOps? When it comes to streamlining the working synergy between IT teams and software development today, you will hear the term ‘DevOps’ used almost exclusively. There’s a good reason for that. DevOps, when applied correctly, has been proven to yield major positive changes in systematic workflows enabling both development and IT teams to work in concert. DevOps is a theoretical approach that with our experience and know how, becomes a tangible toolkit with measurable results.

Let Tallan help you assess and implement the proper tools, procedures, and practices to successfully establish your DevOps framework.

Human-Centered Application Development

Streamlined Workflows

Both DevOps oriented guidelines and tools strive to simplify your daily operations, saving time and money, that yields increased delivery speed to realize ROI faster.

Innovate & Inspire

You will gain progressively reliable software as well as a more innovative business culture, leaving the inspiration up to you.


Tallan is well versed in a wide range of DevOps tools that provide us the flexibility to ensure the best toolchain is established for your DevOps process.  

devops your way

We recognize any kind of transformation is not a one size fits all.

Assess & Evaluate

To assess how DevOps works for your specific needs we start with a Maturity Assessment evaluation before implementing any changes.


We align your organization’s culture and objectives to recommend the appropriate changes on the areas that need attention.


To strengthen the recommended approach, we will work with your team(s) to incorporate the changes through coaching, comprehensive training, and proof of concepts on processes and the tools needed to effectively implement your DevOps process.


Webinar: The Road to Success with Agile is Through DevOps 


Agile is an overall project management methodology, whereas DevOps is the technical framework to deliver faster and more frequent in an agile way. When you subscribe to both and follow the structure, opportunities present themselves that will impact project and team efficiency, transparency, increased quality, and delivering at a faster time to market. Click here to view.

Webinar: Azure DevOps BYO Toolchain


During this 45-minute webinar, one of Tallan’s very own Architects, Ben Thompson, explores a variety of DevOps tools with Microsoft Azure DevOps services. Azure DevOps services are used to orchestrate a toolchain with the end goal of building, testing, and deploying an application in a multi-cloud environment. Click here to view.

Marketplace: DevOps Assessment


Create your road map to move to Azure DevOps and improve your best practices around your entire DevOps Cycle. Click here to learn more.

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