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What is DevOps? When it comes to streamlining the working synergy between IT teams and software development today, you will hear the term ‘DevOps’ used almost exclusively. There’s a good reason for that. DevOps, when applied correctly, has been proven to yield major positive changes in systematic workflows enabling both development and IT teams to work in concert. DevOps is a theoretical approach that with our experience and know how, becomes a tangible toolkit with measurable results. Let Tallan help you assess and implement the proper tools, procedures, and practices to successfully establish your DevOps framework.

Practice DNA

Practice DNA

Streamlined Workflows

Both DevOps oriented guidelines and tools strive to simplify your daily operations, saving time and money, that yields increased delivery speed to realize ROI faster.

Innovate & Inspire

You will gain progressively reliable software as well as a more innovative business culture, leaving the inspiration up to you.

Low Code/Power Platform

Empower your users with the ability to build apps, automate processes and visualize data on their own.


Get and stay ahead of your competition by offering an enhanced experience utilizing Azure’s managed services through a modernized application portfolio.

Data & Analytics

Our Data Analytics experts save time and effort by automating the continuous delivery of data changes, tool integrations, and result sets, allowing you to focus on drawing conclusions from your data instead of the process.

Apps and Experiences

Tallan’s DevOps teams enable continuous integration and delivery of your projects in a fast-paced environment to maximize the value delivered by your team.

Infrastructure & Security

Tallan uses DevSecOps practices and tooling to automate security, governance, and environment integrity accross each phase of the software development lifecycle.

Data Science

Tallan experts can automate your Machine Learning Lifecycle so you can quickly build and train your models consistently, allowing you to focus on the results.


DevOps Offerings

Our Process

Our Process

Microsoft Partnership

Tallan + Microsoft


Tallan is one of just 33 partners nationwide recognized as a Microsoft National Solution Provider (NSP). This distinction means that we are considered to be one of the top Microsoft Solution Providers in the nation, responsible for designing and delivering advanced solutions with a diverse set of Microsoft technologies. Tallan holds advanced gold competencies in the areas of Application Development, Cloud Platform, and Data Analytics with additional silver competencies in Application Integration, Cloud Productivity, and Collaboration and Content. Tallan was also one of the first certified partners for the Microsoft Azure Cloud for Government. In 2014, the company was awarded the Microsoft Business Intelligence Partner of the Year award in New York Metro.

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