Metadata Framework Data Dictionary

The Metadata Framework Data Dictionary application was created to allow exploration of SQL Server analysis services cubes. This tool allows a quick and easy way to document a data warehouse after it has been built, with accurate information derived from the metadata stored in that warehouse.

The tool then allows the business analysts to augment the information with definitions and mappings which are displayed to users of the system. The end result is a full view of the measures available in a cube, definitions and details of the measures, and information about how the measure was derived.

In a typical business intelligence department, the cubes are constantly changing and improved. And as a company grows, it often changes source systems into the cubes. When this happens, the existing documentation becomes out of date, and is a project in itself to maintain.

The Metadata Framework Data Dictionary application solves this issue by going directly to the source of metadata, which is the database itself. This information can be updated and maintained at the click of a button, saving time and providing more accurate information.

When a new user to a system is trying to understand the information and what it means, it can be a daunting task. And many times users will only understand what they are looking at in the context of where it came from. For example, users of an accounting system will know what the term means in the accounting system, but will be unfamiliar with any other name. By mapping source systems to the reporting measures, the Metadata Framework Data Dictionary clarifies what the user is seeing, saving time for both the users and IT.

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