Water Analytics Data Platform
for Public Water Authorities

Tallan’s data platform for public water utilities is a robust solution that provides analytics and reporting water data management. It is the ideal solution for analytics, reporting, and strategic growth initiatives to support the public water industry. Unlock potential while protecting your existing investments!

Focus Areas & Features

Automate Meter Reading for Consumption & Analytics

Identify anomalies and understand consumption analytics to help pinpoint leaks and pressure losses.

  • Ingest and analyze hundreds of thousands of meter reads, hourly and daily.
  • Statistical deviation from reference benchmarks.
  • Automated reporting from data sources like customer accounts, hardware assets, billing information, meter readings (like AMI, SCADA, and manual reads), premises, and use codes.

Main Break Predictions

Let technology advance and support your
Capital Improvement Planning.

  • Data Scientist designed water main break predictive analytics model.
  • Proactive prevention of disruption of your region’s infrastructure.
  • Fact based, data-driven budget forecasting.
  • Automated reporting from data sources like infrastructure assets like water mains, historical reports and work orders, climate, pressure, and more.

Water Quality Monitoring

Work to ensure clean water delivery and maintenance.

  • Sensor data like pH, chlorine, and temperature fuels confidence in water quality.
  • Time-series forecasting and operating range reports foster efficiency and sustainability.
  • Empowered staff through self-service reporting at individual or collective pump stations.
  • Automated reporting from data sources like pump stations and water towers, SCADA, sensors, manual reads and target operating ranges.

Sanitary Sewer Overflow and Wastewater Management

Prevent contamination in your community.

  • Leverage internal and external data to predict and ultimately prevent Sanitary Sewer Overflows and wastewater mis-management.
  • Minimize fines and avoid lawsuits that can lead to consent decrees.
  • Automated reporting from data sources like climate history, historical reports and work orders, infrastructure maintenance, and power failures.

Data Driven Delivery

Use data already at your disposal to manage assets
strategically and cost-effectively.

  • GIS linked for graphical presentation of water data.
  • System integration with ERP platforms like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite and more, to pull data in from channels like customer service and asset management.
  • Identify ways to increase sustainability and efficiency with unlimited reporting and analysis of stored data.

business Benefits

Identifying the causes of even a 1% loss will result in an approximate revenue increase of about $4-5M.

Overall Optimization

Our cloud-based solution can reduce maintenance costs by protecting infrastructure assets like piping and water mains adding to the longevity of their service. Reduce energy use by maximizing operations of your water pumps and pump stations, thereby reducing operational costs. Enhance conservation and sustainability efforts through proactive planning rather than reacting.

Water Reporting

Reporting & Analytics

Use your data, pair it with our data platform for water analytics and reporting and take preventative action based on both pre-designed and customizable reports. Internal sources like ERP systems, customer billing accounts, SCADA and AMI data integrated with external information like GIS and climate change all contribute to better planning and decision making with data.

Business Intelligence

Achieve operational efficiency and broaden the business value of this solution in billing and finance, customer service, and more! Once your data is clean, in the same format, and in the same place, it can be integrated with other systems or monetized.  Capital and strategic planning will be easier and more streamlined than ever.

Stored Procedures

Maximize with
Machine Learning

Highlight needs for capital improvements and planned system upgrades based on data-driven insights. Predictive analytics can lead to preventative maintenance and action which leads to decreased service interruptions, fewer customer complaints, and a reduction of water loss and emphasizing a quick ROI for your organization.


Learn More about
Tallan’s Water Analytics Solution and our funded 30 day engagement

DC Water and Sewer Authority Logot

DC Water and Sewer Authority

DC Water is responsible for the processing and maintenance of the city’s water supply for over 700,000 residents and nearly 20 million annual visitors. Tallan, in partnership with an incredibly forward thinking leadership team at DC Water, worked together on phased initiatives to analyze data and report on water quality and large meter monitoring, as well as water main break prediction while delivering an enterprise-scale Modern Data Estate.

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