Tallan Analytics Platform
for Water Utilities

Powered by Microsoft to modernize and streamline water data management, analytics and reporting, Tallan’s platform for water utilities is an innovative, end-to-end solution for water data management and strategy.

Focus Areas & Features

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Automated Meter Reading

Water Quality Monitoring

Main Break Predictions

Anomaly Detection & Alerts

Sanitary System Overflow (SSO) and Wastewater Management

IoT Sensor Data Integration & Analytics

uTILITY Benefits

Identifying the causes of even a 1% loss will result in an approximate revenue increase of about $4-5M.

Overall Optimization

Reduce costs and energy use, and enhance efficiency, conservation and sustainability through proactive planning rather than reacting.

Water Reporting

Reporting & Analytics

Take preventative action by consolidating and leveraging disparate sources for better planning and decision making.

Business Intelligence

Monetize your data and gain operational efficiency with this solution in IT, finance, customer service, marketing and more.

Stored Procedures

Maximize with Microsoft

Achieve a quick ROI with our product built on Microsoft Azure. Tallan will be by your side managing and supporting your success, every step of the way.


Client Story:
DC Water and Sewer Authority

DC Water is responsible for the processing and maintenance of the city’s water supply for over 700,000 residents and nearly 20 million annual visitors. Tallan, in partnership with an incredibly forward thinking leadership team at DC Water, worked together on phased initiatives to analyze data and report on water quality and large meter monitoring, as well as water main break prediction while delivering an enterprise-scale Modern Data Estate.

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Client Story:

Loudoun Water

Loudoun Water provides drinking water and wastewater services to 80,000+ residential and commercial customers in one of the fastest growing counties in the Nation. oudoun Water’s goal was to develop a modern Business Intelligence capability, leveraging the benefits and scale of Microsoft Azure to support operational data analytics and reporting. To achieve this goal, the leadership team tasked Tallan with shaping and implementing a robust solution to prove the concept of the next-generation data platform.

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Capitalize on the assets already at your fingertips.

Tallan’s analytics platform includes powerful features that enable the integration of multiple data sources, systems, and platforms like ESRI ArcGIS, SAP, and Microsoft Dynamics. Automate and streamline analytics, and feed reports and dashboards with real-time, actionable insights.

This solution has been selected by our clients because it is highly customizable and ready to meet the unique needs of the industry. It’s built to work for your specific water utilities processes, and priorities – it accommodates you, not the other way around. Schedule a demo today!

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