User Experience designers need to obsess about the quality of the final product.

Our UX Team

Tallan’s UX Consultants are not just designers, we have a special mandate. As employees of a software consultancy responsible for delivering mission-critical technology solutions, we need to know a little bit about everything, starting with our clients’ business processes.

User Experience Demands Diverse Skills

It’s true, real User Experience demands a diverse team, whose members are constantly learning about business process management, information design, emerging technologies, front-end coding, best practices, usability, and accessibility, just to name a few. Following are the individuals who make up the UX team at Tallan:

Krish Mandal

Krish is the Director for the UX practice at Tallan. He holds a Master’s degree in Publishing and started his career in that field as a book designer. His background in information and graphic design allows Krish to steer the activities of the team, and to constantly improve its service offerings. His career spans over 20 years, from early jobs designing educational and professional books, to later ones managing Web and Marcom services for the publishing companies he worked for. Krish is an also accomplished photographer, a skill which he would like to leverage more often than he’s been able to for his work as a UX practitioner.

Tim Heinlein

Tim is Tallan’s resident UX Architect and has served Tallan clients for more than 7 years. A classically trained print designer, Tim specialized in book design until making the transition to web/interactive 14 years ago. Tim secretly delves into the front-end code side of things more than any self-respecting UX Architect should, striving to keep his jQuery and CSS3 chops on par with his user interface and visual design capabilities. Tim is also a cracker jack photographer and enjoys shooting landscapes and fashion.

Matt Donahue

Matt is based out of Tallan’s Boston office. He graduated from RPI with a BS in Electronic Media, Arts and Communication, and joined Tallan after working as a graphic designer for five years. Since then, he’s served clients all over the country by designing and coding browser-based Web apps and mobile apps for enterprises large and small. In addition to his client work, Matt is pursuing a Master’s Degree from Bentley University’s renowned Human Factors in Information Design program.

Christian Olesen

Christian works in and around Tallan’s Rocky Hill office. He has been creating user experiences for enterprise web sites, e-commerce systems, intranets, and mobile applications. He is also responsible for the team’s usability testing capability and works hard to keep up with testing methodology and technologies. He has worked as an art director and a designer for much of his career, and since he joined Tallan he added significant front-end development chops. Christian can barely contain the “geek within” and enjoys programming JavaScript and torturing the DOM.