Portal Design


User Experience designers need to obsess about the quality of the final product.

Portal Design

Document Repositories and Workflows Customized for True Efficiency

SharePoint is the portal solution for enterprise collaboration. When it comes to SharePoint, many design companies will gladly take on a client to deliver beautiful mockups, but balk at the implementation. Our team knows where potholes are, and how to leverage alternative solutions.

Tallan UX will customize SharePoint to reap the benefits buried deep in its DNA. Our work has run the gamut from simple visual updates, to complete rework of the underlying design structure. We temper the visual design with emphasis on taxonomy, information architecture, and search structure.

We won’t just sell you a pretty picture. We’ll design you a portal that works, delivered within a reasonable budget, because we work in tight collaboration with Tallan’s SharePoint & portal development practice.


Our Experience

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