Mobile Design


User Experience designers need to obsess about the quality of the final product.

Mobile App & Site Design

Your Enterprise, Extended

The world is clamoring for mobile apps, thanks to faster networks, better handsets, and slick interfaces. Tallan wholeheartedly supports the mobile movement. We are an enthusiastic partner for building workable, business-related applications for mobile phones and tablets.

We have development teams devoted to iOS, Android, and Windows8 platforms. Mobile applications can be extensions of enterprise knowledge, or portals to access very specific functions of a larger desktop app.

If you’re thinking about creating mobile apps, call on us to envision how it would work by doing a UX design engagement first. It’s an important step to figuring out what the app should really do. It helps to create blueprints of interactions and benchmark user acceptance, before diving into the deep end of the mobile pool.


Our Experience

Tallan has successfully delivered thousands of projects to clients in nearly every industry. Read all about it on our client stories page or contact us today to learn more.