Application Design


User Experience designers need to obsess about the quality of the final product.

Application Design

Experts predict many companies will migrate applications to the Cloud in upcoming months. Fewer will be platform-specific, with the exception of the mobile space. We tend to agree. This means that more and more apps will probably need to run inside a Web browser.

One thing is certain: regardless of the platform, consumers and businesses will not tolerate apps that perform poorly. Usability of individual features become a lesser concern, when the app is deemed slow and unresponsive to start. Design decisions have a lot to do with it, as does non-optimal code. That’s a problem that directly impacts the user, and serious developers know 80% of an application’s slowness results from bad design and poor coding.

That’s where we excel. Tallan has been delivering browser-based and desktop apps for a long time, and we know how to design for performance. The UX team has a well-defined methodology for building apps, so it doesn’t matter where your software lives.

We’ll design it to work right, right from the start.


Our Experience

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