Accessibility Audits


User Experience designers need to obsess about the quality of the final product.

Accessibility Audits

Universal Access for Your Users

It’s a Right, Not a Privilege

When it comes to government sites, or even ecommerce, the issue goes beyond usability into universal and fair access.

Accessibility audits help identify and reduce potential problems for users with disabilities, and also mitigates the threat of legal action against you.

Accessibility is not just about avoiding trouble. Tuning a site for better accessibility is a smart move all around. It will help all users, just like wheelchair ramps and wider doors helped everyone access physical buildings more easily.

We’re passionate about accessibility, and believe that everyone should be. Read about how well-designed information can enhance accessibility on the UX section of

Accessibility in Business Terms

On February 27th, 2013, Tallan hosted a Webinar, entitled, Toward Universal Design: Accounting for Accessibility, about the importance of planning for Web accessibility, not only when building Web sites and applications for government entities, but for all clients, especially profit-focused businesses. Accessibility is now a key feature when trying to offset the risk of legal action—which can bring about punitive damages and bad press—and helps increase customer retention. The following video is a recording of our Accessibility Webinar (total run time, 41:36).

Interviews: Leaders in the Field of Accessibility

Later, in May of 2013, Tallan presented an updated version of the Webinar for a live session at Boston’s UXPA 2013 event. We will post a video of the contents of that presentation as it becomes available. Until then, please enjoy the interviews we played for the audience; both are blind users who are leaders in their field, and strong proponents of accessiblity.

  • Carl Richardson, ADA Coordinator at the Massachusetts State House.
    Carl talks about his expectations as a blind user when visiting Web sites, using restaurant sites as an example. (Total run time, 1:37)
  • Brian Charlson, Director of Technology at the Caroll Center for the Blind.
    Brian talks about his love of history and how visiting the Massachusetts State House Web site after it was made more accessible allowed him to discover many artifacts within the historic building, unknown to him before. (Total run time, 1:59)

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