Accessibility Audit:

Get Started on Your Compliancy Journey with Tallan’s Accessibility Audit

Accessibility has become a hot topic as of late, as rules and regulations have been developed to address the needs of Americans with disabilities when it comes to access to websites.

In the past year over 2,200 cases were filed seeking legal action when it comes to website accessibility.

Although websites were never specifically addressed in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Title III of the ADA has been interpreted to include websites, and the Department of Justice is acknowledging these types of lawsuits.

Law firms are initiating demand letter campaigns with threats of legal action against organizations that fail to meet accessibility standards.  Typically, these demands seek a settlement agreement, attorney fees, as well as a request to have the website made compliant.

For some perspective, the number of lawsuits filed this year increased 181% from the previous year.

Ok, so what’s next?

Protect your organization with an accessibility audit, which includes:

✓ Website review
✓ Assessment report outlining identified issues
✓ Remediation plan to become ADA compliant
✓ Option to implement the remediation plan

Don’t get Sued,
Get Compliant

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