Extranets & Member Portals


Our goal is to empower employees and organizations by building solutions that help them become more productive, efficient, and agile.

Partner, Member & Extranet Portals

Maintain Lasting and Efficient Partner Relationships

Simplify the management of your partner relationships. Many companies struggle with the exchange of information from their enterprise to multiple partners with distinct geographic, vertical, and administrative nuances. A partner portal improves communication with your strategic partners while also streamlining and automating administrative tasks, training, and communications.

In addition to providing a collaborative repository of information and data exchange for partners, a custom portal, built on the SharePoint platform, helps to maintain brand consistency, retain loyalty and ensure that your company is communicating effectively and consistently across all partners in your network.

Foster and Engage a Loyal Membership Base

Attract, engage, and manage your members with ease. A SharePoint member portal gives members easy access to self-service tools allowing them to take an active role in your organization and benefits, while eliminating calls to your member services staff. Tallan provides the tools you need to quickly and easily manage your membership in a controlled, branded environment that promotes active member engagement to realize long-term loyalty.

Features of a Tallan member portal:

  • Personalized content and information delivery, including newsletters, announcements, network information, member information, and FAQs.
  • Easy, self-service user account management.
  • Custom notifications and secure message delivery including alerts about account changes, eligibility and customer service requests.
  • Integrations that link to other member information outside of the portal.

Our Experience

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