Enterprise Search


Our goal is to empower employees and organizations by building solutions that help them become more productive, efficient, and agile.

Enterprise Search Strategy

Find the Right Information the First Time

The success of your team’s workspace is directly related to how easily your users can find and retrieve the information they need to complete daily tasks. Users often require documents and data that span many different systems and formats, and spend too much time looking for it.

We specialize in solutions that use the powerful SharePoint Enterprise Search and other technologies to remove barriers to finding information. The result is a search-based solution that aggregates all of your data and provides the destination for your users to find and interact with the data they need, regardless of its origin.

Our SharePoint Find-ability capabilities include:

  • Information architecture and implementing an effective Taxonomy.
  • Enterprise Search and Optimization including document previews in the web browser, enhanced search refiners, and relevance-ranking features.
  • Federated Search with external systems such as Confluence and Salesforce as well as other search engines and third-party apps.
  • Custom search pipeline extensions for content enrichment.

Our User Experience practice can also help with Search Engine Optimization of customer facing websites and enabling usage analytics.


Our Experience

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