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Our goal is to empower employees and organizations by building solutions that help them become more productive, efficient, and agile.

Communities and Social

Foster and Reward a Community of Collaboration

Building a community can take on many forms and evolve over time as members begin to participate in the process. Social engagement is critical to long-term portal adoption, but is often overlooked or even feared. Enterprise social features, when aligned with measurable business strategies, create an environment of controlled transparency, where teams and individuals can collaborate and be productive with one another.

Some of the possible avenues for socializing that Tallan can explore with your business during our process are:

  • Notes and commenting. Promote employee interaction while naturally increasing search relevance and find-ability.
  • Social bookmarking. See firsthand how you can reduce content silos and cross-pollinate ideas and information.
  • Sharing. Facilitate content sharing with buttons.
  • Favorites. Make it easy to bookmark and return to specific content, important for individual employees.
  • Polls/voting. Converts tire kickers into active participants–employees like to be given safe opportunities to engage with the company and this is a low threshold point of entry.
  • Rating/tagging. Gain feedback from employees and get markers on curating content.
  • Expert Panels. Provide great content and kick start important discussions across departmental and functional lines.

Our Experience

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