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Cognitive Services adds intelligent, natural language communication to your web experiences and custom applications.

Leveraging speech, vision, and text-based technologies, these experiences work to close the gap between human and machine interaction, which allows organizations to scale sales and customer service efforts, enhance brand awareness and loyalty while gleaning some of the most insightful data available today.


In the same way that UX principles have become the standard for web, application and experiential design, and so much more, we believe AI and Cognitive technologies can be applied to better the functionality, usage, and value of your business and its offerings.

Human-Centered Application Development

Human-Centered Application Development

Moving beyond just “user friendly”, applications need to be designed with natural forms of language and actions in mind. Instilling artificial intelligence into applications breaks down the barriers of communication to enhance productivity and engagement.


Bringing Big Data to Life

Extracting meaningful information from large data sets can be limiting and becomes even more difficult when it’s not uniform.  Utilize AI and Machine Learning to decipher desperate data and gain useful insights from previously untapped sources.


Digital Assistant

Digital Assistant

Provide a concierge-like experience that proactively provides preferred content or turns speech or text commands into action.

Decision Services

Decision Services

Harness user feedback in real-time to present a personalized multimedia experience including ranked shopping placement, recommended news articles, and related video content.


Bring intelligence to your applications with cognitive services APIs


Keep the lines of communication open with recognition and real-time translation features.


Reduce search time with enhanced image and video filtering as well as intelligent auto-suggest options.


Chatbot Technology: The Innovative Enterprise Solution

Matthew Kruczek explores chatbot technology’s potential to empower your organization. With billions of active users across platforms like Facebook and Slack, and the emergence of “personal assistant” technology such as Alexa, it’s essential for businesses to explore this growing field.

New Technology Concept: Chatbots & Conversation as a Service

In today’s market, companies are racing to find the next big channel to reach customers. Chatbots offer a new and exciting way to interact with consumers, brands, or services while streamlining existing processes. Tallan’s Chatbot technology enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage high-quality bots over a myriad of channels such as Facebook Messenger, SMS, Slack, Alexa and many more.

Microsoft Cognitive Services: Text Analytics API Course with Pluralsight

You will gain a foundational knowledge of the Text Analytics API that will help you move forward with your overall understanding of the Microsoft Cognitive Services Suite.

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