Tallan CSP AdvantageTM

There are two choices when procuring cloud licenses: Direct through an Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft or an LSP, or Direct through a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). Procuring cloud licensing through a direct CSP like Tallan, allows you to save money on the up-front cost of an Enterprise Agreement, and allows for flexible month-to-month billing to ensure you are only paying for what you use.

The Tallan Advantage

Business Growth


We will identify growth opportunities that can help generate revenue for your business.

Managed IT Services


Enjoy the benefits of Microsoft Premier support and dedicated Tallan resources.

Cloud Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Save money on the upfront cost of an Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft. Instead, opt for flexible month-to-month billing for only the licenses you need.

AppDev as a Service

AppDev as a Service

Augment or outsource your Dev Team’s needs while your strategy and familiarity with Azure evolves.

What CSP Can Offer

Whether you are just beginning to consider the cloud or have begun to take steps toward using cloud based applications, moving your solutions to CSP with Tallan offers a seamless transition, and long term, top-tiered support for application development, cloud strategy, and Azure education.

Microsoft Office 365 Licenses

Microsoft Azure Licenses

Cloud Licensing Comparison Guide

Cloud Licensing Comparison

Tallan AppDev as a Service

Most CSP Programs are simply a shop for licensing, we take it a step further with AppDev as a Service. Tallan will help your business and development teams transition to the cloud seamlessly.

Cloud Solution Provider

Building cloud solutions with Tallan’s AppDev as a Service you get:

  • One-on-one consultation with a Cloud Architect
  • In depth reviews of your existing or proposed architecture, deployment, and migration plans
  • A recommended implementation plan and roadmap
  • Alignment of best practices, reference architectures, and guidance to help envision new solutions
  • Expertise and knowledge transfer to increase your team’s proficiency


  • White glove support through a dedicated Account Manager
  • Cloud Architect to assist solution planning and building
  • Access to Microsoft Premier Support
  • Access to Microsoft product teams through Tallan
  • Project delivery resources: Project Managers and Solutions Architects

Microsoft Gold Partnership

Tallan Microsoft Partner

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

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