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Utilize Tallan’s cloud consulting services to help your organization with cloud migration, cloud adoption, and developing cloud-based applications using today’s most cutting edge Cloud Technologies.

Designing, developing and deploying cloud based applications is on the critical path to digital innovation and modernization. Businesses of all sizes benefit from cloud adoption and migrating to cloud applications and workloads. Whether you are just starting out or a business developed around cloud technologies, Tallan can help you migrate, adopt, and build cloud based applications to meet your business needs.

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Cloud Technologies

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Build intelligent cloud based applications on Azure.

Drive digital innovation for your business with cloud technologies on Microsoft Azure. Learn how cloud applications can improve collaboration, increase productivity, and provide value to your customers. Start your cloud migration with Tallan by saying “What if I could…”


Office 365

Email as a cloud application that can accelerate performance and collaboration.

Improve Productivity, Encourage Collaboration, and Embrace the Security. Office 365 is the anywhere, anytime, easy to use platform that you want with the speed and security that you demand.


Internet of Things (IoT)

Monitor, Track, Analyze, and Utilize data in real time.

Azure IoT Suite is connecting devices, people, and systems all over the internet.  Data capture and real time monitoring that used to be cost prohibitive can now be cost effective with an Azure IoT solution.  Start small, succeed and scale fast.


Disaster Recovery (DRaaS)

Protect and secure your data

Reduce Costs, Minimize Downtime, Preserve your Reputation and Insure Compliance with Industry Regulations.  Azure DRaaS provides an easy to deploy, easy to maintain, secure solution when you’re looking to reduce infrastructure costs and/or minimize downtime during a disaster.

Cloud Consulting Offerings

Azure AppDev Hackfest

Azure AppDev Hackfest

At Tallan we have a passion for technology and helping our clients solve their business problems through our cloud consulting services and utilizing cloud technologies. Our Azure AppDev Hackfests are held nationwide every year and are a great way for teams from your organization to get hands on exposure to Azure and learn best practices in developing and modernizing cloud based applications. This two day event is led by our Vice President of Cloud Technologies, Dan Fluet along with other experts from Tallan to educate and guide you on cloud adoption, cloud migration, and building cloud applications.

Azure VS Dev Test Workshop

Azure VS Dev Test Workshop

Let Microsoft and Tallan begin your cloud migration with an in house Azure Dev Workshop. During the workshop, we will describe topics such as Virtual Networks, Creating Virtual Machines in Azure, Load Testing, Coded UI tests, automated deployment scenarios, what it takes to create development and test environments on Microsoft Azure, and the careful planning and due diligence needed to maximize the benefits of cloud adoption and the cloud technologies you plan to utilize.

Azure IaaS 10-day Workshop

Azure IaaS 10-day Workshop

The Azure IaaS 10-day workshop is designed to help you understand what Azure Iaas can provide your organization. Through this workshop you will experience the security and flexibility of cloud technologies and learn about developing and deploying cloud based applications, which has become an essential for many organizations driving cloud adoption and digital innovation for their business.

Cloud Envisioning

Cloud Envisioning

Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage cloud applications across a global network of cloud technologies run in Microsoft’s data centers. You can build cloud based applications using any language, tool or framework, and you can integrate your public cloud applications with your existing IT environment.

Active Directory Health Check

Active Directory Health Check

Active directory health depends on technical, organizational and process factors. Most organizations utilize Tallan to create a consistent approach to keeping their Active Directory healthy and up to date. This ultimately results in healthy environments that drive efficiency and long term cost savings through annual checkups.

Cloud Success Stories

How Well Am I Utilizing the Cloud?

With the information you provide in this survey, our team of cloud technologists will calculate your results based on the activities you conduct in the cloud, monthly spend, and cloud migration plans for additional workloads and cloud applications. This assessment will provide you with a customized review of your current cloud utilization.

The information provided by our analysts will help your organization better plan for cloud adoption and collaborate with our cloud team through our cloud consulting services to align cloud technologies that will ultimately drive digital innovation for you business.

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