Internet of Things


Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that scales and adapts to your changing business needs.

Internet of Things

What’s at Stake?
Data and information are the keys to success in today’s technology world.  Being able to capture, analyze and act on this data is what catapults businesses to high profitability, increased customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency that saves time, money and resources.

Obtaining Value from an IoT Solution
There’s a lot of buzz around the Internet of Things. But there is real opportunity to be found if you implement an IoT solution that takes into consideration the unique aspects of your business, and the devices you want to connect. The Internet of YOUR Things. Depending on your business scenario, you can connect nearly any line-of-business asset that you already have and use existing and future data in new ways.

When you harness your data, and connect your people and infrastructure together, you enable a workplace where you can:

  • Make business decisions in real time to maximize efficiencies and enhance operational decision-making.
  • Monitor and track the health of your assets in real-time and make adjustments accordingly.
  • Enable innovation by analyzing, interpreting, and acting on data from multiple sources, using intuitive dashboards and reports.
  • Use advanced analytics to create new business models and revenue streams.

How to Get Started
Tallan’s IoT solutions begin by identifying your specific business issues that can be most positively impacted by an IoT solution.  We then set up, execute and review a proof of concept that blends your existing capability with Tallan’s IoT solutions using Microsoft Azure to create a custom solution on proven software, vastly reducing the time, expense, and risk associated with other solutions.

Microsoft Azure captures your data with technologies like Azure Service Bus, BizTalk Services, Stream Analytics, and Azure Event Hubs while also providing cost-effective, maintenance-free storage options in Azure Storage, SQL Azure, and SQL Server. Then, analyze and predict trends and outcomes for real-time decision making with Azure Machine Learning, Power BI, or SQL Server Analysis Services.

Realize that IoT is not the place for a one size fits all approach. Our solutions are tailored specifically to your industry, and your unique business needs, using the parts of Microsoft Azure that make sense for your needs and customizing solutions components where necessary.

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Our Experience

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