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In today’s market, companies are racing to find the next big channel to reach customers. Chatbots offer a new and exciting way to interact with consumers, brands, or services while streamlining existing processes. Tallan’s Chatbot technology enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage high-quality bots over a myriad of channels such as Facebook Messenger, SMS, Slack, Alexa and much more.


Personalized Relevant Information with Chatbots

Personalized Relevant Information

A bot knows who you are. This enables them to give you more personalized information that is important to you, rather than just an automated response.

Generate Leads with Chatbots

Generate Leads

Bots can be created to gauge consumer interest and generate leads. Anyone who utilizes the bot service can automatically receive relevant information about your service.


Let Tallan introduce Chatbot technology from Microsoft, Amazon, Google, or IBM to your business.  Using channels such as Facebook Messenger, SMS, Slack, Alexa, Cortana, Siri, or even your own custom window, we can create Chatbots to broaden your reach to customers and strengthen your relationship with them. Chatbots provide a new channel for engagement, especially in the mobile-centric world that we live in today.

We have created bite-sized prototypes to help you experience the capability of Chatbots in your business.

Some of the opportunities we see include:


Provide customers with another servicing channel that can access personalized information for a deeper customer relationship.

  • Choose a channel: Facebook Messenger, SMS, Webchat window, etc.
  • We’ll enable your top 10 customer service inquiries
  • Watch the cost of customer care decrease by as much as 29%!


Move your FAQs into a conversational Chatbot for improved customer interaction that leads them to the answers they need.

  • Choose a channel: Facebook Messenger, SMS, Webchat window, etc.
  • We will enable 10 provided customer questions and their answers
  • Sit back and wait for applause!
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