Our goal is to empower employees and organizations by building solutions that help them become more productive, efficient, and agile.

Our Process


Most intranets are designed to serve the organization as a whole. This may include specific departments or business unit focused features, social groups and communities, as well as general communities and groups organized around a particular cause.

In order to truly realize a best of breed intranet, Tallan works with our clients through the envisioning process to identify and create an actionable road map with a long-term outlook of what features will most positively impact their organization.

Iterative Development

After the initial roadmap is defined, we employ an iterative methodology to design and develop portal features and solutions. Each iteration consists of design, implementation, testing, and launch phases. Our iterations usually last 4 weeks–at the end of which we deliver production ready software, not just documentation!

Incorporating client feedback, knowledge of best practices, established design patterns, and new information derived from talking with users is critical, and conducted throughout your project. As with any design process, earlier revisions cost less than later revisions, which is why we like to include clients as often and as early as possible.


Our Experience

Tallan has successfully delivered thousands of projects to clients in nearly every industry. Read all about it on our client stories page or contact us today to learn more.