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Next Generation Bots to Connect with Your Users

In today’s market, companies are racing to find the next big channel to reach customers. Chat bots offer a new and exciting way to interact with consumers, brands, or services in order to streamline existing processes. The Microsoft Bot Framework is a comprehensive offering that enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage high-quality bots over a myriad of different channels such as Facebook Messenger, SMS, Slack, and many more.



Personalized Relevant Information

A bot knows who you are. This enables them to give you more personalized information that is important to you, rather than just an automated response.


Generate Leads

Bots can be created to gauge consumer interest and generate leads. Anyone who utilizes the bot service can automatically receive relevant information about your service.


Let Microsoft and Tallan introduce bot technology to your business with our envisioning workshop.

The workshop will help you understand the capabilities of bot technology, choose the correct implementation strategy based on business need, and then understand how they can be used within your organization.

The following table lists example tasks that would be performed over the course of the two day period.


Demonstration of common bot scenarios

HEALTH & FITNESS      Health Tap

E-COMMERCE      Tommy Hilfiger      1-800-Flowers

SERVICE      KLM Airlines      Hyatt

BRAND AWARENESS      Estherbot

Educate customer about the following Microsoft Bot Framework features:

Creating specific Dialogs around conversational topics

Saving State Data for specific clients

Leveraging the power of Forms to help dynamically create dialog

Utilizing AI with Microsoft’s LUIS: Language Understanding Intelligent Service Framework

Exploring all of the Channels available via the bot framework


Lead customer through the Envisioning step; document customer’s business goals, create a high level plan to deploy a POC

Microsoft Bot Framework deployment planning


Experience Tallan’s Bot Services first hand!
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