Connecting Brands and Consumers Using AI

Conversational artificial intelligence-powered solutions empower brands to engage with consumers in more effective ways than ever before.

A New Opportunity for Consumer Goods

As a society, so many of us are leveraging messaging apps and social networks to stay in touch. As the number of eye balls scrolling through the content on these tools and platforms has grown, they’ve become a bigger and bigger part of advertising budgets. As a marketer, you’ve no doubt run a campaign on a social network or a messaging platform. You may have even been fortunate enough to get encouraging statistics on the results of that campaign. But can you really tell if your message got through? Do you feel like you learned anything about your consumer?

As you work to increase the awareness of your brand, educate the public about a new product you just launched or incentivize them to try it, consider an AI-powered conversational experience.

Power of Conversational AI

When incorporated with your marketing strategy, AI-powered conversational experiences have the opportunity to connect with consumers along their buyer journey to provide better interactions and influence their purchase decision. Below are three areas that we believe conversational AI can be leveraged.

Brand Awareness

Brand Building
and Awareness

Messaging apps provide reach to a wider audience at a larger engagement capacity, amplifying your marketing efforts. Leverage this solution to execute campaigns that tie to your brand’s deeper mission and beliefs.

Product Discovery

Product Discovery

AI-powered conversations deliver consumers with smarter search results and highly personalized and authentic interaction. Other technologies, like augmented reality, can be incorporated to enhance these experiences.

Incentive to Purchase

Incentives to

Whether enhancing traditional promotional efforts or supporting loyalty programs, conversational AI has the potential of increasing customer satisfaction, collecting valuable consumer data and driving product sales.

Quite simply, Conversational AI is already escorting consumers through the modern buying process.  AI-powered brand interaction, smarter shopper education, and real-time loyalty rewards and promotions all now offer deeper levels of personal engagement that’s more convenient for them and cost-effective for you.

The more people know about your offer and the better their user experience, the more likely they are to buy from you.  When it comes to Conversational AI, dialogue is the user experience.  And, if experts are right, 85% of all retail interaction will be AI-led as soon as 2020.

Will you be ready?

Tallan in Action

Tallan partnered with an advertising agency, Valassis Digital, to produce a shopping assistant bot for their client Revlon, enhancing the way the brand advertises and engages with consumers.

Brand Awareness With over 1 billion monthly users now on Facebook Messenger, Revlon decided to utilize the platform to run an AI-powered chatbot campaign to deliver deeper engagements, receive better consumer insights and increase customer satisfaction.
Product Discovery Through a targeted Facebook ad, users clicked to chat via Messenger. Over dialogue with the “bot”, users could discover products and read influencer content to find out more about them.
Incentive to Purchase After learning where to purchase, customers returned to the app to submit their receipt. Through image recognition, the receipts are confirmed and users can receive their rebates, almost instantaneously.

To learn more about Tallan’s partnership and work with Valassis to help achieve a record sales month for one of their clients, view our latest webinar.

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Would you Like to Connect with your Consumers?

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