Meet Our Team

Technologists. Strategists. Thought Leaders. Business Partners. Industry Speakers. Published Authors. Leaders. Tech Geeks. Community Members. Friends. Family. People.

Our people are the core of our business. And behind these people are a set of beliefs which create an environment of excellence that we extend to our clients. Through this commitment, dedication and teamwork, we strive to deliver more each day—to ourselves, our co-workers, and most of all, our clients.

Be Talented

  • Grow the Tallan team through great recruiting, training, and challenging work assignments.
  • Achieve career growth by challenging yourself everyday.
  • Demonstrate commitment to your team and your projects everyday.
  • Focus energies to achieve the highest possible success in whatever we do.
  • Be the best that we can be while continually raising the bar.
  • Provide opportunity, motivation and reward to continually increase our skill sets, technology expertise and consulting knowledge.

Be Highly Productive

  • Foster an environment that motivates employees and spawns a strong work ethic.
  • Recognize and reward the value and benefits of hard work.
  • Plan for success and find opportunities for efficiency.
  • Through commitment, dedication and teamwork, deliver more each day.

Exceed Client Expectations

  • Provide the highest quality software solutions to our clients.
  • Understand what it will take for Tallan and the client to be successful with every project and execute on it.
  • Deliver More: more than, earlier than, and at less cost than the client expects.
  • Identify and escalate issues early so that we (Tallan and the client) have time to resolve it.
  • Display commitment to the client’s success in all that you do.
  • Understand the client’s industry and business, and understand how our work fits into their business goals.

Provide Thought Leadership

  • Invest in Research and Development of new and emerging software technologies.
  • Be recognized as Thought Leaders to our clients.
  • Provide insight and guidance on the latest technologies and best practices to clients and partners.
  • Mentor your staff.
  • Contribute to you peer’s professional development.

Drive Company Growth

  • Grow company market share by expanding in our current markets.
  • Find new growth opportunities with practices and solutions.


Great technology solutions are powered by great people. Learn more about our company culture and opportunities to build a career with us.