Dev Test


Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that scales and adapts to your changing business needs.

Dev Test

Develop and Test Faster and More Cost Effectively

With many organizations procuring and acquiring hardware for a new project, it can be quite a daunting effort, not to mention costly. Microsoft Azure will provide you with your environment within hours. With Virtual Networking and Microsoft Azure, you can have your new SharePoint, SQL Server, and/or BizTalk environment running without a painful and time consuming hardware procurement process.


Real Life Scenarios

There are times when you need to spin up an environment for two to three weeks to conduct load tests, User Acceptance Testing, or focus groups and then the environment will not be used again for weeks, months, or possibly ever. Since Microsoft Azure only requires you to pay for what you use, you can create this environment to run only while your load tests are running and then it can be shut down until it is needed again.

For example, say you have approval to create a Proof of Concept for a new product. The last thing you want to do is waste time and money procuring hardware for a product that may or may not become a part of your company’s permanent line. Spinning up a Sandbox environment is exactly what Microsoft Azure is designed to handle. You can have your environment up and running and if the product doesn’t work out as expected, there is no extra hardware around collecting dust.

Are you are thinking about upgrading to SharePoint 2013 and would like to do some “test runs” before your conversion? Creating a SharePoint environment in Microsoft Azure to conduct these integration tests is quick, simple, and cost effective.