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Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that scales and adapts to your changing business needs.

Compute Instances

Need Compute Power on Demand?

When you need to complete tens or hundreds of thousands of calculations for your financial models, Microsoft Azure scales to meet your demands. Microsoft Azure can be configured to scale automatically based on compute thresholds (CPU, IO, etc.) or for certain peak usage times. For instance, if you know your organization runs end of day sales or financial reporting, increase your compute instances during peak hours to handle increased number crunching and scale down for cost savings in the off peak. Why pay to run 10 servers in your data center when you could have one server running and 9 on standby for when you need the extra compute power?


Real Life Scenarios

Do you have a large data conversion that needs to take place? Creating multiple compute instances for the length of the project is much more cost effective than procuring hardware.

Windows HPC

Windows HPC is a high performance computing solution built on the Windows Server technology stack. Windows HPC works seamlessly with Microsoft Azure and can be deployed on premise which will allow you to scale out when you need the additional capacity.


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